First Semester: Finished

In September (2019) I started university to study Speech and Language Therapy. It has been a busy few months but I can officially say I survived my first semester! Whooop! Yay! I thought I would take the time to write about what I have learnt over the past few months. I decided the best way to tackle this was to divide it into headings:


I moved into a small house on campus. I share with 3 other people, we have two bathrooms and share a kitchen area. My room is the smallest, I refer to it as ‘a glorified cupboard’ – if the Dursley’s lived in the mansion, Harry Potter would have lived in this room. Although my room is small it has plenty of storage and room for all my house plants.

Living away from home:

I have lived away from home before so I was looking forward to doing it again. I have enjoyed cooking for myself and deciding what to eat, but for the first few weeks, I cooked lots and froze all my leftovers. This was really handy because towards the end of the semester I was really tired so all I had to do was microwave it, but I also ended up getting bored of eating the same things.

New course:

The first few weeks I seriously doubted I was making the right choice. Some of the modules were really hard and I felt like I would never understand. However, after I had settled in properly, I began to really enjoy my course and now I am sure I made the right choice.


So I had to submit a formative essay (1,000 words) – a practice run if you like – on a speech disorder of my choice. I found this went well for me and received some constructive feedback on what to do in the future. So the assessments are a mixture of coursework, exams or mini-test, which were manageable. I think what I found hardest was the lack of direction with regards to how to improve my grade. Always look ahead at your assessments, this gives you additional time to do pre-reading and to get your head around the topics.


This is an area I knew I had to improve on once I had started uni. I found that staying organised, writing up any notes (or just spell checking them in my case) and printing off any additional materials to my folders really helped. I also used this time to go over anything I wasn’t sure about and complete any additional reading.


When I started uni, I hoped I would make friends, however, for me, it wasn’t a priority as primarily I wanted to focus on my studies. However, after the initial overwhelming few weeks, I began to make friends and get to know people on my course. Now I do recognise everyone on my course but… I still don’t know everyone’s names! Learning names is so hard! I get on well with my housemates. So really, what everyone says is true: you will make friends!

So overall, I have loved my first ‘semester’ (that’s what it’s called at uni?). I have made friends and am enjoying my course. And now it is time for Christmas!!

Love Bet x

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