Vegan: A Year On

Last year, during veganary I went vegan. Since then, I have remained vegan and it has been great. So if you are considering going vegan this Veganary or just interested I have summed up some main points.

Why go Vegan?

  1. Health Benefits
  2. Animal Suffering
  3. Impact on the environment

What’s the hardest part?

For me, the hardest part was other people’s reaction and judgement on my lifestyle choice. It was also, the judgement when I slipped… queue someone going, “well, I thought you were vegan.” Other comments I received were based around nutrients deficiency. Having grown up being vegetarian I have experienced a lot of these comments before.

You must convert everyone you meet…

Don’t worry, I am not going to make you feel guilty about what you are eating and how you chose to live your life. However, if you are interested I am happy to share my views with you. Personally, I only ask that people don’t eat seafood when we go out for food, because I find it really gross.

Can you be vegan at university?

Yes. Yes. Yes. If anything you’ll find it cheaper once you have built up your basic cupboard ingredients and it forces you to cook more at home. Typically I cook batches of meals at the beginning of the term for a few weeks, then eat that, pasta and occasionally cook other meals for the rest of the term. Breakfast is typically granola, yoghurt and banana. I’ll have couscous or pasta for lunch (which I make the night before). I also make a smoothie for my mid-morning snack every day.

Can you eat out?

Yes, there are few places that don’t offer a vegan choice. I always check the menu before we go anywhere to see if there is something to eat. Plus, if I’m asking for suggestions of places to eat I always give them ideas.

Love Bet x

Published by Betony

- Speech and Language Therapy Student - Vegan - Wannabe blogger - Urban Decay Addict - Harry Potter Obsessed - Disney Fan - (very) amateur dressmaker -

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