Poetry: Happiness the Destroyer

I thought I would try my hand at poetry. At least I think this is classed as poetry. Anyway, here it is, I wrote this when I was feeling very overwhelmed with thinkgs that were going on. I was thinking of making a recording of me reading this in the future. Let me know what you think. Hope you like it.

Happiness: the Destroyer

It crashes together
Not like a meteorite
Or colliding of two planets
We know those are coming
We watch
We wait
It happens
A flash maybe
Destruction and creation in one
As the new is formed from old

This isn’t like that
I didn’t see it coming
It surprised me
It wasn’t the collision of two separate entities
It was the collapse of me
Like the formation of a black hole
Slowly everything reverted
Energies sucked backwards
Disappearing to place I knew soon will consume me too
The darkness
The bleakness
The overwhelming realisation of my true self

The cause of this collapse
Not a heavy weight thrown by another
Not missile fired from an enemy
But instead my own happiness

It is happiness that wields the sharpest of swords
Lifts and throws the heaviest of weights
Happiness is all consuming
It comes with a team of others
It’s cheerleaders
For happiness comes with hope
Hope comes with dreams
All of these making us stronger
All of these making us weaker

The rug was pulled from beneath me
The table overturned
The crystal glasses crash to the floor
Crystal reduced to sharp shards
Glittering shards scattered broken around me
Red liquid stains
I watch it drip
Drop by drop
Falling on the shattered dreams
Washing away the hopes
And staining the brilliance of happiness


Bet x

Published by Betony

- Speech and Language Therapy Student - Vegan - Wannabe blogger - Urban Decay Addict - Harry Potter Obsessed - Disney Fan - (very) amateur dressmaker -

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