Lockdown: What I’m Watching…

We all talk about how we are binge watching everything ever filmed. So in no particular order, here is a list of all the best TV I have binge-watched so far…

1. Vicar of Dibley

Something I would always watch when I was a kid, before ‘on demand’ was thing. I watched it from start to finish. It was better than I remembered it!

2. Ru Paul’s Drag Race

Think, fashion, pride, loud, drama and … oh the shade giirrlll!! I love RP’s Drag Race and I’m currently watching the new season, but when I’m feeling it I am watching it all again! I also love the All Stars version and the Celebrity Special.

3. Absolutely Fabulous

Blunt, easy watching. I love watching this in the background.

4. Miranda

One of my housemates this year said she is the living embodiment of Miranda. Having never really watched it before, I can now agree. I watched this at the beginning of the lockdown and just watched the whole lot in a matter of days.

5. Marvel

Any opportunity to watch all the Marvel films again. There are a lot of film hours to get through, so I am still working my way through this one.


A Prime original. I saw the trailer for this and was hooked. I am trying to pace myself with this one because there is only one season. Really enjoying it!

7. Star Trek: Picard

Having previously watched all of Star Trek: Voyager and Next Generation start to finish, I was both excited and uneasy when this first came out. But I love it, I started watching this when it first came out but got to busy and stopped. Now I have the time, I am popping back in for episodes.

What are you guys watching? Top recommendations…?

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