Easy Ways to Live More Eco-Friendly

There are hundreds of ways to become more eco-friendly and sometimes it can all feel like too much. So you are looking for somewhere to start, check out these easy things you can do.

1. Bring Your Own Straw

Other than this easily reducing waste, it’s also really nice to have a straw which doesn’t disintegrate before you finish your drink. I have a metal set like this and a collapsible one I keep in my bag for when I’m at coffee shops.

2. Ditch Makeup Wipes and Cotton pads

Buy or make reusable ones instead. It saves you money and the environment. I made mine out of a microfibre towel, they are super soft and easily wipe off my make up. Just wash them with your towels or dark clothing in a net bag.

3. Buy Clothes With Sustainability In Mind

This is a work in progress for me. I’m trying to buy sustainable clothing or buy pieces I know I’ll wear over and over again. Alternatively, I will start shopping in charity shops, eBay, Facebook marketplace or any other places like that!

4. Use a Reusable Bottle & Cup

An easy way to be more eco friendly and save yourself money. Choose a good bottle which you can use year-round, ideally one that can keep your drinks cold and hot.

5. Reusable Face Masks

The current pandemic has increased our disposable waste, so an easy way to make a difference is to make or buy (Etsy has a huge selection) a fabric mask. These can be washed and reused.

6. Check the Ingredients of Shampoos, Conditioners, Body Washes, Bubble Bath, etc.

Think about what is in the products you use, plastic and other materials harmful to the environment turn up in kinds of places. But it’s worthing considering if these ingredients aren’t environmentally friendly, should we be using them on our skin? Look for products that are silicone-free, vegan, cruelty free, reef safe (applies to sun screens) and reduced or zero carbon emissons.

Drop a message in the comments if you have any other ideas on how to live more eco-friendly.

Love Bet x

Published by Betony

- Speech and Language Therapy Student - Vegan - Wannabe blogger - Urban Decay Addict - Harry Potter Obsessed - Disney Fan - (very) amateur dressmaker -

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