University: Moving in, settling in and starting term…

It goes without saying that this year will be very different from past years but some things will be the same. Most students will still be moving into student digs, all students will have to settle in to uni life (either physically or virtually) and all students are going to start term – even if it is a bit different to usual.

Moving In…

So the picture above is more American college than UK university, but moving in is much the same for all students. You pack up everything you want to take, you pack it into your or your parent’s car and you drive to your accommodation in time for your ‘moving in’ slot. So when packing your car, make sure that all your things are in bags and boxes that will be easy to unpack. Some universities give you a time limit you can spend unpacking and you don’t want to be running to and fro with armfuls of stuff.

Unpack everything you can and ask your parents to take home any boxes or bags you don’t need with you. Your room won’t be huge and you don’t want any unnecessary clutter lying around. Don’t worry too much about how you organise your room and things in the kitchen, you’ll find as you live there you might need to move things around. I moved things around several times before I had a set up which worked.

Settling In…

While I am not suggesting that you go round offering to hug everyone you meet, introducing yourself to other students you meet is a good idea.

So you have moved into your accommodation, your parents are gone and you are officially on your own. The first night is always the weirdest, as you get to know your housemates and cook in your kitchen for the first time. I suggest you choose something easy like pizza or a ready meal for your first night, so you can spend less time cooking and more time getting to know your housemates. Try as to eat in your shared areas as much as possible, play card games and take part in as many fresher events as possible. Join at least one society and turn up! I signed up for the outdoor activities society but didn’t have the guts to turn up and I really regret that. This year I am joining the cheerleading society which I am super excited for!

You might feel homesick in the first few weeks, ring home but try to spend the first month settling into university life. Trust that in time, uni will feel like home. You might not make friends immediately and you might not feel like you fit in straight away, I didn’t but within a few months uni became my home and I had settled in and made friends.

Starting Term…

Starting term will involve smaller class sizes and more virtual lectures. Get up the same time every day even if you don’t have lectures, this will help you build a routine. Write down in your diary or on a wall planner when all your assignments are due, when you are on placements and when the holidays are. I use both a dairy and yearly wall planner to keep myself organised. Make sure you dedicate an area in your room to studying, especially now there are more virtual lectures taking place so that you have a different space for when you are just relaxing. Try to stay on top (and ahead if you can) on any reading, as you are only going to get busier and busier the further into the term you get. Once you start term, you’ll also start to make friends with people on your course, who you will rely on for support and help throughout your course. Most of all enjoy yourself! All you need to do is work hard and have fun!

Good luck, let me know how you get on!

Love Bet x

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