Ten mistakes I made in my first year… so you don’t have to!

In September I go back to university as a second year. So looking back on my first year I’m telling you my top ten mistakes I made so you don’t have to…

1.) Going back to my accomodation to eat lunch

For the first few weeks, I was badly organised and didn’t make my lunch before lectures, so went back to my accommodation to eat. This meant that I struggled to get to know people on my course. So either buy or make lunch and eat with people on course, this helps you get to know other people and build friends. 

2.) I wasn’t very organised.

I wrote my assignments in a bullet journal, which had a weekly view and a monthly view. This didn’t work. I wasn’t able to properly see where I was and what was coming up. After two months I switched to using a weekly planner and a yearly planner. This meant I would easily see what assignments and exams I had coming up, as well as what tasks or reading needed to be completed each week. So use a weekly planner and a yearly planner so you can easily see what is coming up other the course of the year as well as what you are doing each week.

3.) Leaving my assignments until a few days before.

Despite having a weekly chart, I left ALL my assignments to the last week or last few days. This meant that I wouldn’t have time to use Studiosity (where your references, grammar and spelling is checked) which is provided by the university. I also didn’t use a wide enough range of sources in my research. So make sure you plan in your planner when you are going to start your research, planning, writing, proof-reading and submission.

4.) Not organising my notes on the same day

You sit in your lectures, they are talking really fast and giving you lots of information. So you are quickly typing out notes, living typos and bad spelling till later. I would then leave this for a few days, come back to it, have no idea what I was trying to write and have to listen to the recorded lecture to try and fill in the blacks. So always go over, correct spelling or grammar in your notes on the same day, then print it and file in your folder ready for the assignment or revision.

5.) I didn’t go out much at all!

I stayed in a lot before Christmas and then suddenly starting going out and doing more with my housemates. I wish (especially now we can’t) I had gone out more with housemates. Once I started doing more, I really began to enjoy university more and more! So make sure you go on day trips, go out for drinks and food together with your housemates.

6.) Not joining a society

I signed up for a society in freshers week, but bottled it and didn’t go, if I have joined a society I would have made so many more friends and settled in so much easier. This year, I have signed up to join the Cheer Society. So make sure you join and go to at least one society.

7.) Addicted to Netflix

I had so much time on my hands at the beginning of term I began watching Netflix – well binging on Netflix. I think I watched more Netflix in my first year than I have in the least two years. If I had spent less time watching Netflix I could have gone out and explored the area around university more. So make sure you get out and explore the area around your university, you’ll probably never have as much free time as this again. Stay aware of how much Netflix you are bingeing…

8.) Taking up snacking as if it was a hobby

I went to university and realised I could whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. This led to some poor choices. I begin to snack all the time and not on healthy stuff. So be aware of how much and what you are snacking if you know you are going to want to snack plan this into what you are eating.

9.) Falling behind with virtual lectures

When we moved to virtual lectures I began to fall behind. I didn’t stick to the timetable I had drawn up, and ended up missing seminars and cramming all the lectures into one day. So stick to the timetable, attend virtual seminars (as you would face-to-face ones) and keep up with virtual lectures. 

10.) Getting caught up in drama

There were times when things got to me and I ended up caught in some drama that was going on. One time I caused the drama and looking back, there were lots of things that led to it but ultimately the ‘drama’ didn’t need to happen had I have handled things differently. So try not to get caught up with any drama – especially other people’s drama – or cause any drama.

Love Bet x

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