Moving Day Tips

You have chosen your university, confirmed your place and brought everything you need. Now you are the point where you and your parents are trying to cram anything in your cars. I took both my car and my parent’s car, they weren’t full but they weren’t particularly well packed. So here the things I learnt from my moving day.

Bring a bag with all the things you will need immediately.

Have a bag with you and fill it with the essential you’ll need to hand. You might need to bring some ID, a drink (unpacking is thirsty work), snacks and any other documents your university will need when you go to collect your keys. You don’t want to be unpacking your car in the car park so you can find your ID, the repacking it so you can drive closer to your accommodation.

Pack ‘rooms’ together

Have all your kitchen stuff in the same things, your bathroom-related items together, bedding and room decorations and your studying items together. This will make it so much easy to unpack. Nothing is worse than finding spoons in with your bedding after you have already organised your kitchen!

Put everything in bags or boxes

Most universities give you a time slot to unload your belongings. If its already in boxes and bags you can grab it and carry it up – you don’t want to be that person frantically stuffing bags and running to and fro with armfuls of things.

It will probably look like too much stuff.

When you finally bring it all into your room, it will probably look like too much stuff – and as a first-year, you have probably packed more than you need anyway. Don’t panic, start unpacking things. I started with my clothes because it was the easiest thing to unpack. Bring some of those collapsible drawer dividers so you can divide up those larger drawers and keep your room tidy.

Ask your parents to take (and store) packing boxes and bags home.

Your uni room probably isn’t that big and even if you have some space you will accumulate more things over the year. Ask your parents to take home any boxes, bags or packing containers that you are aren’t using. Make sure you keep them because you’ll need them when you move out and back in another three or four times!

You will forget something – it’s not biggie

I can’t remember what I forgot but I forgot something. Everyone forgets something, it’s not a big deal so don’t stress about it. No matter what you forget, you can probably buy a new one or your parents can post it, bring it to you or you can pop home to collect it in a few weeks.

Love Bet x

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