Make your uni room yours!

I spent hours before starting unviersity on Pinterest looking at different ideas for decorating my room. It is so important for your room at uni to feel like home and be somewhere you want to spend time. So it’s time to make your generic room into a homely room that suits you. Here are the best ideas me and Pinterest have to offer…

Choose a colour scheme

You don’t need to go mad and buy everything in the same colour. As uni rooms are small, you don’t want to have crazy, bright colours all over the spectrum which are going to it harder to relax, so when you are picking out things for room choose colours that are similar or compliment each other. I choose blue, mainly because I was bringing the bedding sets and blanket I already had at home. To compliment this I covered a set of stationary drawers in sparkley pink and blue, my folders were also pink and blue, and other accessories, such as pen pots, around my room are white.

Air Freshener

I have a reed diffuser. Although this isn’t technically a decoration but trust me – having a nice smelling room makes all the difference – no one wants a room that smells like socks and last nights pizza…. Splash out for one with a really nice pot the first time and then buy the cheaper fragencesin the future.

Fairy Lights

Not ground breaking but seriously get some. Uni accommodation lights are often too bright and harsh, fairy lights provide a softer light – great for movie nights, relaxing and those days when you are hungover and the main lights are way too bright! I used mine all the time. I had them all over one side of my wall as well as along my shelves. You can never have enough fairy lights… Use command hooks to hang lights – don’t forget you need to stick the hooks to the wall and leave them for a few hours before hanging up your lights.


I didn’t take hundreds of photos with me but some people do and they wallpaper thier wardrobes and walls. Do take a few photos, they can be of friends, family, pets or places you love. This will help your room feel more like your room as oppose to a room with your stuff in it.

Poster, tapestry or bunting

Have something hanging on your wall. If it’s a small room (mine was tiny!), get bunting to hang above your window or around the edges of the ceiling. A bigger room? Put a tapestry or poster on a wall. Pick something you love that fits in with the colour scheme of your room. Remember hooks and vecro strips are your best friend!


I am obsessed with this pin! I love the idea of integrating my fairy lights with some greenery. Plants indoor the spaces are suggested to improve wellbeing and productivity (check a article out here) so get a few for your room. I recommend Peace Lillies, they like to be kept out of direct sunlight (so don’t mind darker corners) and like to be watered regularly. If you forget to water your plants get yourself some Succulents, which need less watering. Still can’t keep them alive? Just get some fake ones!

Workable Desk Space

You must build a desk space that works for you. Make sure you only have things that live there you actually need. I always keep a list of assigments that need to be completed on the wall in front of my desk, along with quick reference notes, I also stick post its notes up for reminders.

Have fun decorating your room and don’t forget you can always buy things whilst at uni. Over the course of the year you will accumulate things – I ended up bringing home Halloween, Christmas and Birthday decorations.

Good luck!

Love Bet x

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