How to live cheaply as a student

Everyone knows when you are a student you need to be on the lookout for how to save money. In fact, the phrase “do you do student discount?” rolls of a student’s tongue as easily as “a double vodka and coke”. But other than searching for student discount everywhere you go, how else can a student save money?

Food Menu and a Shopping List

I always plan what I am going to eat every week, write down a menu and from that make a shopping list. Try to pick meals which are using up anything you already have and can be made cheaply in bulk. If you want to eat a more pricey meal, no problem, just make sure the rest of your meals are cheap to make.

Choose Your Shops Wisely

I always do the majority of my shopping in Lidl. On average my weekly shop for Lidl comes to £20 or less. The few things I couldn’t get, such as vegan ice cream, I would get at another Supermarket nearby.

Buy With Your Flatmates

This is always a tricky one because there might be people in your flat who are happy to use but not to buy themselves. But if you can, this will save you all money in the long term. In our house, my friends took turns buying the milk because neither one of them could finish a carton before it went out of date. Taking turns buying butter, jams, toilet roll, milk and other items like this could help you all save money in the long term.

Course Books

Don’t buy anything before you start unless you are told by a 2nd or 3rd year you really should. If you do buy something hold off until the beginning of term as then the other year groups might be trying to sell them and this will be much cheaper than buying them online. In my first year, there was only one book, we really needed to buy as we used it every week for the whole year. All the other books are easily accessible from the library either as a physical book or ebook.


If you plan to travel home a lot and this means you need to get a coach or train get yourself a discount travel card. While the initial expenditure may feel high, over the year it will feel great when you are getting those tickets for a fraction of the cost.

Online Shopping

If this lockdown has taught us anything it is how easy it is to shop online. Just make sure you are watching your spending habits, which may only feel like a few pounds every few days, quickly adds up by the end of the month! I like to put things in my basket and then walk away before I buy anything to be absolutely sure I want it and I want to spend the money on it.
Hope these tips help you save some money, let me know if you think of any more which should be up here!

Love Bet x

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