Cheap things to do at uni with your flatmates…

Generally, when we think of uni students, we think of the party lifestyle, shopping, the societies and sometimes studying. But there are lots of other ways to have fun at university, which require little or no money. I’ve also tried to think of things that students can still do with the current Covid-19 restrictions (I’m writing this at the beginning of August).

Stream an event

As the restrictions continue it means that lots of events cannot happen in their normal form, but this does mean you can stream your favourite DJs or events. Get all your flat to dress up for the occasion, set up a bar, get some snacks and have a night out at home.

Card Games

There is no end of games you can play with normal playing cards. You can play Irish Snap, Rummy or Cheat, just look online for the rules and away you go. You can also play a number of drinking games with them too… but have a designated pack for that as they get sticky quickly. Other card games can be just as much fun such as Uno or Cards Against Humanity – although I would leave that until you know one another a bit better…

Explore the area

Not everything you do needs to be inside. If it’s a nice day go and explore, get to know the city you are studying in. You never know you might find some hidden gems only the locals know about!

Film Night

Find the biggest screen in your flat, install into you common area, get the snacks and drinks ready, turn up in snuggly PJs and cosy blankets ready to watch a film. Want to play a game whilst you watch, play movie bingo! Make your own or see what the internet has to offer!

Dinner Party

Feeling fancy or want to do something a bit more sophisticated? No problem. Divide the different components up (starter, main, dessert, drinks) and give each person or ‘team’ a different part to make. Shop together for all the ingredients and divide up the end cost. Dress up for the occasion.

Takeaway Night

This is probably the most expensive option on here, but if you all pitch in and share the cost it won’t be so bad. Choose something like Indian so you can have a wide range of dishes and set it up like buffet! Enjoy! Leftovers for breakfast on a first come first serve basis…


If you own a Nintendo Wii or switch, Playstation or Xbox, bring it to uni. Not only for downtime but you can play with your flatmates. If you need a TV screen or extra controllers, check out Facebook Marketplace for some cheaper options.

Love Bet x

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