Stationery: What you actually need

Let’s talk stationary, you probably don’t need as much as you think you need. Now, don’t get me wrong I love stationary, nothing is better than new pens, pencils, highlighters paper and pretty folders but out of all things I brought for uni I used only a few things. So at university you are bombarded with so much information and it’s impossible to write it all down in time. So after trying to change to handwritten notes, I quickly moved to typing notes next to the lecture slides or annotating them on my iPad. I think pretty much everyone in my classes made notes using thier laptops or iPad.

What stationary did I use in lecture?

I always carried a notepad and pencil case in my bag, for when we needed to do transcription practice or for the occassional group work. My pencil case is really small, so I only carry the essentials: pens x 2, pencils x 2 and rubber, pencil sharpner and one highlighter. I then took my laptop, iPad and iPad pen.

Stationary essentials for organising your notes

I prefer to have all my notes filed in physical form, as it’s easier to find things when I’m revising or looking things up for seminiar tasks. I had a folder with dividers for each module, I never use polypockets because they cover up the divider tabs which is just annoying! Just don’t forget a hole punch! I had everything else except a hole punch, no idea how I lost it so had to order a new one from Amazon.

What stationary I used when studying or revising in my room?

I went with all manners of stationary, every colour and shade of highlighter, sellotape, hundreds of pencils, 2 packs of colouring pencils, hundreds of pens (enough though I proably only used 2), rubbers, pencil sharpners, colouring pens, sharpies, blue tack, pins, paper clips, post- its, extra pencil cases, rulers and everything else I’ve forgotten. I probably used everything at least once, but most of it I could have lived without. Going into my second year I will not be buying anymore stationary, I simply don’t need it.

My studying essentials included a set of coloured biros (helped my to break down topics when note taking with reading), a pencil, rubber sharpner and post its. I loved using post-its – I still them above my desk when I have assignments or exams coming up to remind. I would also use them for other things to remember like my student address…. Although take some sharpies! I used them all the time to write on things – like food I was freezing and the edges of my folders.

A list of all those essentials you need

  • Biros – (black, blue, coloured) x 1 pack
  • Pencils x 2
  • Sharpner
  • Rubber
  • Pencil Case
  • Highlighter x 4 (barely used mine tbh, more of a distraction)
  • Lined Notepad
  • Sharpie
  • Folders
  • Hole Punch
  • Sellotape (honestly, I used mine all the time for all sorts)
  • Printer & Paper (controversial but I used mine all the time, I printed off my notes after lectures)

So before you go stationary mad and you buy all manner of things. I would buy the essentials, go to uni, attend lectures and see what you actually need. If I had done that I wouldn’t have to dedicate an entire (overflowing) drawer in my room to stationary. Let me know what you think your stationery essentials are!

Love Bet x

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