What about 2021?

Last year I made a list of New Year’s Resolutions or goals as I like to call them. I think resolutions are things we make, that aren’t achievable and we don’t achieve. Whereas goals are things we know we can achieve or we aim to, and let’s face it resolutions are more like a wish list whereas goals are a shopping list. 2020 has been a difficult year and it is totally okay if you didn’t learn to make sourdough bread or play an instrument or go to every one of Joe Wick’s PE lessons. If you were like me and your goal was to survive and try not to think of what you would have been doing. Moving into 2021, I thought I would throw together some ideas of goals for 2021.

Reduce the pressure

If 2020 has taught us anything, there is so much more to life and work than constantly feeling the pressure. So if there is something in your life that puts you under pressure and you aren’t okay with it. Change it, make a plan to change it or fund something that balances out the stress in your life.

Do something you love

Make time for you. Is there something you particularly enjoy? If you like watching films, going for walks, exploring new places, cooking, crafting, dressmaking, reading books, knitting or crocheting. Make time for it. I love reading and writing but never seem to have time for it.

Try or learn something new

Maybe we did this in 2020, maybe we didn’t. Either way, everyone should aim to do this. Reaching outside of our comfort zones is always beneficial to our own self-development. If there is something specific you want to try or learn to write it down. If not, try and look something up or leave it to fill in.

Physical, mental health and wellbeing

Let’s not lose the awareness we have around our own health and well being. Set yourself goals, but make sure they are healthy. Choose lifestyle changes over fad diets. These aren’t long term and no one wants to be counting calories all their lives. Maybe try introducing more plant-based meals into your diet, eating healthier breakfasts, take up a form of exercise or work on your mental health.

Normal life goals

Why not set somethings that are normal? Make a go on holiday goal, or finish your second year at uni. These might not seem like ‘real’ resolutions but if there are events that you plan to do in the next year, make then your goals now. It feels really rewarding when you get to the end of the year and can cross them off or can see how your direction in life has changed where you are going. One year I set the goal to audition to be a Disney Princess, I actually ended up applying for university, doing an access course and becoming deputy room leader in the preschool where I worked.

Stay in touch with others

Stay in touch with others, see the people we care about and maybe take time to think about any toxic relationships you may have in your life. Toxic relationships aren’t necessarily boyfriends or partners, they could be friends, co-workers or family. Think about how you want to face these – talk to these people, distance yourself, manage your own feelings around these people better. Similarly, think about how you treat others. Are there people in your life who you take for granted? People you could treat better? Or maybe there is a part of your nature you are less fond of and want to be able to tone down something? An awareness of our own behaviour can make us much for mindful of others.


I think most people have something in there life they haven’t finished. Maybe this year we can finish it. Name it, make and plan for it and do it. Even if its something like, ‘finish paying off my car’, put it on your list.

Mastering a skill

Have you already started to do something and want to keep doing it? Put it as a goal. I started paddleboarding in the summer, and I want to go out more in the summer. I want to get better at it and go on trips around the coast.


I wanted to include self-improvement because it often crops up on many New Years resolution lists. If you want to put these on your list make them possible and positive. This should not be tied to your own self-worth. We are all amazing people. You are an amazing person as you are. So if you decided to improve yourself, make sure the ultimate goal isn’t ‘more self-confidence’ as no amount of self-confidence comes from improvement. It comes from much deeper inside, it comes from our own sense of self-worth. Losing weight or having hair extensions or pretty nails is not going to improve our self-worth, only we can do that ourselves.

There are so many things we can put on our lists. So many. But please make sure they are positive and positive. Being able to look over these through the year, you should be able to see yourself achieving them. Best of luck and happy new year!

Love Bet x

Published by Betony

- Speech and Language Therapy Student - Vegan - Wannabe blogger - Urban Decay Addict - Harry Potter Obsessed - Disney Fan - (very) amateur dressmaker -

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