Lockdown: Why I’m saying no to dating apps atm.

I have more time on my hands now, and being stuck at home without seeing my friends I sometimes do feel lonely. Especially while binge-watching on Netflix, Prime or Disney+, with pretty much everything I watch having some form of romantic storyline running through it – even the ones I didn’t think would do… And while I could download one of the many dating apps available, I just don’t think this is the time.

Lockdown: The Update

Its been a while since I posted but despite being sat at home with time on my hands I have struggled with motivation and inspiration. Every time I finally have managed to sit down to watch something it just sounded depressing or whiney – not what I was aiming to write. I am currently feeling the ‘inspiration’ at the moment, or maybe it is just that I have 3 exams looming next week that I really should be revising for. But now we have an exit that has more contradictions than not, I thought I would consider my experience of lockdown so far.

Short Story: All fo Kin

My mother was a Las Vegas stripper, one of the best until my father happened. Not that you could blame him, my mother was stunning; blonde hair, blue eyes, slender and long tanned legs. My father was English, handsome, powerful and old money wealthy. He swept my mother off her feet, showered her with gifts and attention, all the while the silly naïve 19 year old fell in love with him. Then after a month of this deluded version of reality, he left her with his number – telling her to call if she ever needed anything – and he returned to his typically English wife.

I’m Sorry

So I ask everyone. Those with and without mental health difficulties. Open your minds and consider the daily struggle, the second-by-second struggle that some people face to get up in the morning, get dressed, go to work and be that person you know. I ask for everyone to use their strength, passion, voice and determination to fight for better support, rights and compassion for mental health.