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I have always really enjoyed writing and I have decided it is time to share some of the things I have written. So this page is dedicated to all my writing. Hope you enjoy!

Check out my creative writing posts below…

YCWA 2010 – Devon’s Winner

In 2010 I entered the Young Crime Writers’ Association (YCWA) competition. I won the regional part of the competition and was shortlisted nationally.

Short Story: All fo Kin

My mother was a Las Vegas stripper, one of the best until my father happened. Not that you could blame him, my mother was stunning; blonde hair, blue eyes, slender and long tanned legs. My father was English, handsome, powerful and old money wealthy. He swept my mother off her feet, showered her with gifts and attention, all the while the silly naïve 19 year old fell in love with him. Then after a month of this deluded version of reality, he left her with his number – telling her to call if she ever needed anything – and he returned to his typically English wife.

Short Story: A Daddy’s Girl

Hey everyone, I thought I would continue to publish some of things I have written over the years. This piece was written for my course work for A Level English Literature in 2012. Hope you like it.

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