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Hey, so I am a mature student, I started university 5 days before my 25th birthday. I am studying Speech and Language Therapy. I have lived on campus during my first year and am planning to live on campus in my second year too!

I am currently adding several new posts every week leading up to September. I’m going to be posting about everything from packing, moving in, getting organised, food to settling in. So remember to subscribe to email notifications if you want to be first to read the new posts!

Anything you want me to write about or research for you? Just ask!! See the contact me form in the main menu.

Check out the university related blog posts below…

Budgeting at Uni

There are a few easy ways for you to budget, which will make your student finance go further and will keep you eating real food all term.

Last Minute Things To Do Before Uni…

With just over 2 weeks until the moving in process starts for most universities, I thought what better time than to write a list – well, a list of last minute things to do and check before you go.

How to live cheaply as a student

Everyone knows when you are a student you need to be on the lookout for how to save money. But other than searching for student discount everywhere you go, how else can a student save money?

Make your uni room yours!

I spent hours before starting unviersity on Pinterest looking at different ideas for decorating my room. It is so important for your room at uni to feel like home and be somewhere you want to spend time,

Moving Day Tips

I can’t remember what I forgot but I forgot something. Everyone forgets something, it’s not a big deal so don’t stress about it. No matter what you forget, you can probably buy a new one or your parents can post it, bring it to you or you can pop home to collect it in a few weeks.

University: Easy Vegan Meals

At uni, I need to easy to cook, cheap food but I also want food that is healthy and vegan. I often cook in bulk and freeze the rest, meaning most the time I pull something out the freezer. By cooking meals in bulk it means I am only cooking a few times a week as opposed to daily – it is also much cheaper than buying convenience food, ordering in or cooking daily

University: Moving in, settling in and starting term…

It goes without saying that this year will be very different from past years but some things will be the same. Most students will still be moving into student digs, all students will have to settle in to uni life (either physically or virtually) and all students are going to start term – even if it is a bit different to usual.

University: What I pack…

So you are going to university, your accommodation is sorted and now you need to make sure you are taking everything you need. Instead of buying everything at once, I brought a few things every month leading up to uni, I was also very fortunate to have my Grandparents help me buy lots of the items I needed.

University: My First Year

So I have finished my first year at university. All my coursework and exams have been completed, now I’m waiting for the final grades for the year and modules to be released in July – well, I’m not waiting for them but they’ll come. Unfortunately, like all students, this year was cut short and changed due to the pandemic. But I thought it is still a great time for me to look over my first year of university…

First Semester: Finished

I have finished my first semester/term of university and here is a summary of my time.

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