Make your uni room yours!

I spent hours before starting unviersity on Pinterest looking at different ideas for decorating my room. It is so important for your room at uni to feel like home and be somewhere you want to spend time,

Moving Day Tips

I can’t remember what I forgot but I forgot something. Everyone forgets something, it’s not a big deal so don’t stress about it. No matter what you forget, you can probably buy a new one or your parents can post it, bring it to you or you can pop home to collect it in a few weeks.

University: My First Year

So I have finished my first year at university. All my coursework and exams have been completed, now I’m waiting for the final grades for the year and modules to be released in July – well, I’m not waiting for them but they’ll come. Unfortunately, like all students, this year was cut short and changed due to the pandemic. But I thought it is still a great time for me to look over my first year of university…